A to Z about RSS HTML version

Channel: A channel is the total collection of items you wish to highlight in
your site. There is exactly one channel per RSS file.
Item: Item is a single thing you wish to highlight from your site. There is at
least one, but no more than 15 items per channel. But it is better to limit to
6 items per channel.
RDF: RDF is the mother specification of RSS.
Example – You may create a RSS feed about all articles on your web site. That
is, articles covering different topics in one RSS feed.
Then the channel will contain information about the feed (“Read articles on
various subjects”), the location (web site address or URL) and a short description
of the content you have written about.
There will be multiple items in the RSS Feed. Each item will have information
about one article (the title, author, category, short description and the URL where
the article may be found).
The user may see the index in a suitable viewer called RSS aggregator or
reader, display the contents on a web page, or use it in any other way he thinks
An aggregator, as the name suggests, is a piece of software that collects content
from many websites that publish new content regularly (CNN, New York Times,
Wired, etc.) provide a list of headlines of the latest content. In addition to
displaying these headlines on their own websites, it is very common for
publishers to make them available for syndication, so that other websites or
applications can also include their headlines. When a website has an RSS feed,
it is said to be “syndicated”.