A to Z about RSS HTML version

RSS as a marketing tool
RSS is a technology that has the potential to overcome the Internet marketing
challenges we are facing today. From the marketing point of view, not only is it
simple to use publishing tool for marketers and publishers, but also has the
versatility allowing contents to be delivered to the target users and other “content
consumers”. These criteria enhance the marketers and publishers to achieve
their business goals.
• Its ability to influence the entire key internet marketing elements, especially
content delivery to end-users and improving search engine rankings is
• It is unique in the way it forces marketers to become more relevant and
sensitive to the needs of their target audiences.
Its reach does not stop just with marginal penetration, but exploring many fields
and the usage is growing with exhilarating speed. RSS is already used by the
majority of the reputable media sites, by a satisfactory number of corporations
and by almost “all” bloggers.
RSS is fast becoming the de-facto standard for pull-based information delivery
because the user can anonymously subscribe to your feed, judge your content
and stay subscribed as long as he wants to. He can unsubscribe at will, without
any problems and delays.
And what’s more? It also eliminates a large part of the external noise and
shortcomings of other delivery channels .In addition, RSS content can be
delivered to other websites; such as search engines, specialized RSS directories,
special content aggregation sites and other site types.