A to Z about RSS HTML version

The world is fast changing from a push-based information delivery where you
send information via e-mails to pull-based information delivery where the
subscriber accesses your information as and when he wants.
Checking on SPAM:
To bring down the hazards caused by Spam, there are some solutions, which are
in the development stages but, yet not put into operation:
The Sender Id (intended to verify an e-mail sender’s identity), being
developed by Microsoft.
Next comes the Bonded Sender Program in which the e-mail senders
have to pay certain fee to get their e-mail messages delivered, just like
traditional mail postage. Again, this may not be useful for small companies
who have midget budgets! We are looking for some solution, which would
benefit all the users of Internet alike.
Though we cannot deny that most of the marketers and publishers still depend
on e-mails, we must surely admit that e-mail is no longer the content delivery
vehicle it once was and we have to devise methods to compliment it with other
new fruitful channels.
The multi-purpose tool RSS has many feathers on its cap and has every
probability of emerging as the tool for this Internet era.