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The Search Engines:
The e-mail content delivery problem is joined with the ever-growing number of
websites, all competing for the attention of the same visitors and the same
search engines. Though Search engines are still the No.1 traffic generator for
most websites, getting high rankings for our website is getting more difficult with
each passing day. Unless we are able to reach out to our prospects and
customers, chances of us selling the products and building relationships with
them is very meager.
Of course, we could use Pay-Per-Click advertising (sponsored keywords), but
Pay-Per-Click prices are getting completely out of control. Many marketers can
no longer keep up with high prices and can no longer generate a positive
response with their campaigns. The demand is just too high.
Will E-mails last long?
The companies mainly dependent on e-mails for their Internet content to
reach the target audience. This serves as the sole medium existing
between the senders and the receivers.
On the other hand, consumers depend on e-mails again to receive the
contents from the companies as per their requirements.
We better put it that while the marketers and the publishers struggle to
deliver their contents through e-mails, the internet users fight to control the
content consumption through e-mails.
With such existing pressures whether e-mails can continue to serve as the
channel for content delivery and content consumption is arguable.