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After getting through the ISP barricades the message needs to
"combat" the various filters in place on the user-side, such as third-
party spam filters, usually partnered with an e-mail client Spam filter.
All this to make sure that nothing that even looks like Spam gets
Then, again the user quickly scans the messages, eliminating the most obvious
Spam, and on top of that often also performs an in-depth scan to finally decide
what messages he can delete, what to be moved to the dreaded "to read" folder
(which never gets read) or what to be actually read.
Any proof whether the messages will be read after having got through so many
barriers is truly uncertain.
This obviously means more than 50% of lost sales and relationship
opportunities. How much does that amount to in losses in a few years?
Important messages and updates for your existing customers are getting
lost as well. This in turn will affect your follow-up sales and after purchase
relationship building activities.
Some rules which are currently implemented by the US CAN-SPAM
legislation are putting legitimate e-mail publishers at risk. Instead of
putting check on the real spammers, they threaten legitimate senders.
Can you believe? Many people end up calling their subscribers to check on their
receipt of their message. Is it not obvious that the very purpose of e-mails is
smashed down here?