A to Z about RSS HTML version

Chapter 2
Why do the existing technologies suck?
We are aware of different current key elements of marketing over the net like
Advertisements through Internet, E-mail marketing and publishing, search engine
marketing and optimization, e-commerce, business blogging, branding and many
others. But these can be considered as separate entities being driven by different
corporate roles and having its own proprietary set of Internet tools.
Of course, there are some tools that are multi-purpose. But, there has never
been a powerful tool like RSS that is trust-worthy, Spam-free flexible and most of
all enhances the power of the different key elements of Internet marketing.
It is sure to produce incredible business and marketing results in the future.
Loopholes of the existing marketing technology:
It is needless to say that SPAMS, enabled by the "democratic" nature of e-mail,
has ended up driving the mere purpose of this once-upon-a-time best method to
The companies have to fight their way to acquire the recipient’s email
id, seek permission lest to be assured of their content being delivered.
Many internet users prefer a big ‘NO’ in signing up to avoid wasting
time deleting the unwanted mails from their inboxes. Why not nip the
trouble in the bud itself?
Talking about the companies, who have at last succeeded in their
objective, they have still a long way to go for their content to reach the
target mailboxes. They are faced with various Spam barricades from
the recipient’s Internet Service Provider.