A Young Folks' History of the Church HTML version

after the war, that the missionaries will be better able to reach the people with the gospel
of peace and salvation.
At this writing (December, 1916) there are seventy-three stakes of Zion in the Church,
and over eight hundred wards. The quorums of the Priesthood have been more thoroughly
organized, and have regular courses of study in their classes. The helping organizations
of the Church, such as the Sunday Schools, the Mutual Improvement Associations, and
others are doing a splendid work. The Church has recently completed a beautiful Church
office building in Salt Lake City. The first and second floors of this building are occupied
by the First Presidency and other Church officials. The third floor is devoted to the
Historian's work, and the large collection of books and Church records. The fourth floor
is used by the Genealogical Society, an organization whose purpose is to help people
with their records, and gather a library of genealogical books, which will help them do
the work in the Temples for their dead.
Here ends our history for the present. The little tree (mentioned in Chapter I) planted by
God and nurtured by his servants, has in the space of eighty-six years grown to a large,
beautiful tree, whose branches, as it were, protect thousands of people, and whose fruit
nourishes a multitude. The enemy has striven hard to uproot and destroy it, but every
effort has only made it cling more firmly to the nourishing earth.
The Church is growing in strength and power to save the human family. That is its
mission. It will never be overcome, or left to other people. "No unhallowed hand can stop
the work from progressing," said the Prophet Joseph, "persecution may rage; mobs may
combine; armies may assemble, calumny may defame, but the truth of God will go forth
boldly, nobly, and independently till it has penetrated every continent; visited every
clime, swept every country; and sounded in every ear; till the purposes of God shall be
accomplished, and the Great Jehovah shall say the work is done."
And now let all the boys and girls who read this book remember what the Lord expects of
them. He must have men and women to carry on the great work begun so nobly and so
well. If He is to use you, you must make your lives worthy; you must grow in wisdom
and power and faith and goodness; be pure and strong in mind and body; be studious,
earnest, prayerful, noble, and brave to do the right; then God will be pleased to use you,
and you yourselves will become makers of a glorious future history.
Topics.—1. President Joseph F. Smith. 2. John R. Winder. 3. Anthon H. Lund. 4. John
Henry Smith. 5. Charles W. Penrose. 6. The trouble in Mexico. 7. The great war in
Europe. 8. Progress of the Church.
Questions and Review.—1. Who was President Joseph F. Smith's father? 2. Describe
some of his boyhood surroundings. 3. Tell about his adventure with the Indians. 4. How
did he cross the plains? 5. Tell of his missions. 6. How long has he been President of the
Church? 7. How many of you have seen him and heard him speak? 8. Name President
Smith's counselors. 9. Tell something about each of them. 10. What historical places has
the Church purchased and improved? 11. Why have the Saints had to leave Mexico? 12.
Review the great European war. 13. What might be the outcome of this war? 14. Where
are new temples being built? 15. How many stakes and wards are there now in the
Church 16. What did the Prophet Joseph Smith say about the future of the Church?