A Young Folks' History of the Church HTML version

How, then, did the boy get his education? Crossing the plains, when they were resting in
the tent or by the camp fire, Joseph's mother taught him to read the Bible, and from that
day to this, he has been reading good books. You see, he started early in the reading of
the best books, and that means a lot. Joseph's mother was a very good and wise woman,
and he says that much of his success in life is due to her teachings, and the fact that he
heeded her counsels.
When Joseph was fourteen years old his mother died. When he was fifteen he went on a
mission to the Hawaiian Islands. He worked a number of months in California to earn
money to pay his passage to the Islands. He was greatly blessed on this mission.
This small history cannot tell you of the many missions President Smith has filled since
that first one. Many times he has been back to the Hawaiian Islands, and many times to
the States and to Europe. Every boy and girl ought to read the detailed story of President
Smith's life. President Smith is still with us. Most of the Sunday School boys and girls
have seen him and heard him speak. He is a great and good man. He is the prophet of the
Lord to us. Let us be thankful that we live in a day when we can have such men with us
to show us by the example of their lives how to be good boys and girls, good men and
President John R. Winder was born at Biddenden near London, England, December 11,
1821. He joined the Church when he was a young man and emigrated to Utah in 1853,
since which time he took an active and leading part in Church matters. In the year 1877
he was chosen to be the second counselor to Presiding Bishop Wm. B. Preston, which
position he held until he was called to the First Presidency. When the Salt Lake Temple
was nearing completion, he was given special charge of the work, and at the dedication of
the Temple he became the first assistant to President Snow. He died March 27, 1910. He
lived to a good old age, active and strong to the last. He claimed that this was due to his
having obeyed the laws of God, especially those contained in the Word of Wisdom.
President Anthon H. Lund came from Denmark. He was born in the city of Aalborg in
that far-away country May 14, 1844. Many interesting stories are told of him as a boy-
preacher of the gospel in his native land. When he was called upon to give his first report
at conference he was lifted upon a table that he might be better seen and heard. He came
to Utah when eighteen years old, and settled in Sanpete county. He was made an Apostle
in 1889. He has filled a number of foreign missions, and at one time he presided over the
European mission. He has also been president of the Manti Temple.
At the death of President Winder, President Lund was chosen First Counselor to
President Smith, and Elder John Henry Smith, one of the quorum of the Twelve, was
called to be the Second Counselor. He was born at Carbunca, near Council Bluffs, Iowa,
September 18, 1848. His father was George A. Smith, at one time Counselor to President
Brigham Young. He came to Utah in early days, and filled many missions at home and
abroad. He died Oct. 13, 1911. President Smith, during his life, became known and well-
beloved far and near. He was always kind and cheerful, and he had a way with him which
won the hearts of all who came to know him.
Elder Charles W. Penrose, of the Council of the Twelve, was chosen to succeed John
Henry Smith in the First Presidency, December 7, 1911. President Penrose was born
February 4, 1832, at Camberwell, London, England. When he was four years old he
could read the Bible. At eighteen he joined the Church, and being so well versed in the
scriptures he was soon called on a mission. For ten years he traveled about his native land