A Young Folks' History of the Church HTML version

Topics.—1. Wilford Woodruff. 2. George Q. Cannon. 3. Joseph F. Smith. 4. The
"Manifesto." 5. The Parliament of Religions. 6. Death of President Woodruff.
Questions and Review.—1. Who constituted the fourth First Presidency of the Church?
2. Tell something of President Woodruff. 3. Name some positions President Cannon has
held. 4. Tell about President Smith's boyhood. 5. What further laws did the enemies of
the "Mormons" wish passed against them? 6. What is the "manifesto?" 7. How came it to
be issued? 8. When was it accepted. 9. Tell about the Tabernacle choir's trip to Chicago.
10. What was the Parliament of Religions? 11. How was the Church treated in that body?
12. Give some reasons for this treatment. 13. When was Utah admitted as a state? 14. Tell
about the Utah volunteers. 15. When and where did President Woodruff die?