A Young Folks' History of the Church HTML version

That morning Joseph went as usual with his father to work in the field, but he was so
weak that he could do but little. His father, seeing this, told him to go home.
On the way, as he was climbing over a fence, Joseph fell helpless to the ground. After
that the first thing he knew was that some one was calling him by name. Looking up he
again saw the angel Moroni, who once more told him all that he had related the night
before. He then told Joseph to go back to the field and tell his father of the vision and the
commandments which he had received.
Joseph obeyed at once, and went back and told all he had seen and heard. His father
believed all he said, and told Joseph to obey the angel, as the teachings and
commandments were surely from the Lord.
Topics.—1. Beginning of persecution. 2. Visit of the angel Moroni. 3. What Moroni told
Questions and Review.—1. What did people say of Joseph's first vision? 2. Why did
people persecute a young boy like Joseph? 3. Name the date of Moroni's visit. 4. What is
an angel? (See Doc. and Cov. Sec. 129, also Key to Theology, Chap. 12.) 5. Describe the
Angel Moroni. 6. Why did the angel repeat so often his instructions to Joseph? 7. How
old was Joseph at this time?