A Young Folks' History of the Church HTML version

Arrests now followed fast, and it was indeed a sad time for many of the Saints. Officers,
called deputy marshals, were sent into all the settlements of the Saints to spy out and
arrest those supposed to be guilty. Many of the brethren left the country or went away in
hiding to avoid being arrested, leaving the women and children to manage as best they
could. In Idaho no "Mormon" was allowed to vote or hold office, no matter whether he
had broken the law or not. Three brethren were sent from Arizona to the penitentiary at
Detroit, Michigan. Nearly all the leading brethren were in hiding; and, as they could not
speak to the people in their meetings, they wrote epistles which were read to the Saints at
their conferences.
For a number of years this persecution went on. Seemingly, the strongest anti-"Mormons"
should have been satisfied. But no; they asked Congress to make yet stronger laws to put
down the "Mormons." Accordingly, in 1887, another law was passed, called the
Edmunds-Tucker Bill. This law, among other things, provided that the property of the
Church should be confiscated, that is, taken from the Church. United States officers went
to work at once and took from the Church nearly $800,000 worth of property. After the
officers had gotten some good salaries out of it, the property was at last given back to the
During the time of this crusade thirteen hundred persons suffered from fines or
July 25, 1887, President John Taylor died at Kaysville, Davis County, Utah. He had been
in exile for over two years; but the brave spirit was now away from under the power of
persecutors, and the Saints could but look on the peaceful form and face of their beloved
Topics.—1. President John Taylor. 2. Plural marriage. 3. The Edmunds Bill. 4. The
"Crusade." 5. The Edmunds-Tucker Bill.
Questions and Review.—1. Why was there no danger to the Church at the death of
President Young? 2. When was the First Presidency organized again? 3. Who composed
it? 4. Tell what you can about John Taylor. 5. Tell about the Jubilee year. 6. When and
where was plural marriage revealed to the Church? 7. When was the first law passed
against this practice? 8. What is meant by a law being constitutional? 9. What was the
Edmunds Bill? 10. How was it enforced? 11. What was the Edmunds-Tucker Law? 12.
When and where did President Taylor die?