A Young Folks' History of the Church HTML version

Notwithstanding all these annoyances, the Church continued to grow in strength and
numbers. The Sunday Schools, the first of which was organized in 1849, by Elder
Richard Ballantyne, in the Fourteenth Ward of Salt Lake City, had by this time grown to
be a strong institution. The Mutual Improvement Associations were organized in 1875,
and soon did much good among the young.
President Young and his brethren were busy organizing stakes of Zion, setting the
quorums of the priesthood in order, directing the building of temples, laying out towns
and cities, and attending to the general duties of the Church. Thus Zion grew and became
stronger day by day.
Brigham City is named after President Young. August 19, 1877, the president was at that
place and the Box Elder Stake of Zion was organized. Shortly after his return home, he
was taken ill and died August 29th, at the age of seventy-six.
Thus passed away the second president of the Church. Joseph had laid the foundation
deep and strong. Brigham had built upon it. For thirty years he had stood at the head of
the Church and had led the Saints through some of the most trying scenes of their history.
Brigham Young was the leading spirit in the removal from Nauvoo, in the march across
the wild prairies and mountains, in the building up of a great state in the desert valleys of
the Rocky Mountains; and his name will be ever honored as the great pioneer of the west.
Topics.—1. Prosperity of the Saints. 2. The telegraph and railroad. 3. The Liberal Party.
4. Death of President Young.
Questions and Review.—1. How did the Saints come from Europe in early days? 2. Tell
about the overland telegraph line in Utah and the first telegram. 3. Tell about the
railroads. 4. Who composed the Liberal party? 5. What was its object? 6. How did
President Grant treat the "Mormons?" 7. Tell about the Newman-Pratt discussion. 8. Why
could the Utah officials greatly annoy the Saints? 9. Who organized the first Sunday
School? 10. Where and when was it? 11. Tell of the death of President Young. 12. Tell
what you can of his life.