A Young Folks' History of the Church HTML version

Perhaps you may get an idea of this great move when you are told that during that
summer there were about two thousand wagons and ten thousand Saints on the way
between Nauvoo and Council Bluffs.
Topics.—1. From Nauvoo to Garden Grove. 2. Garden Grove and Mount Pisgah. 3.
Winter Quarters.
Questions and Review.—1. What might this last move of the Saints be likened to? 2.
After leaving Nauvoo where was the first stopping place? 3. When did the camp start
west? 4. What hindered the traveling? 5. How was the camp organized? 6. What did the
Saints do for amusement? 7. Where were Garden Grove and Mount Pisgah? 8. What was
the object in making these settlements? 9. What prevented a band of pioneers from going
to the mountains that summer? 10. Where was Winter Quarters? 11. Describe the place.
12. About how many people were traveling across Iowa that summer?