A Young Folks' History of the Church HTML version

Topics.—1. Nauvoo after the main body of Saints had left. 2. The Battle of Nauvoo. 3.
The remnant driven out.
Questions and Review.—1. About how many Saints were left in Nauvoo? 2. Who were
the "Jack Mormons?" 3. Tell of the mob's doings. 4. Who was John Carlin? 5. What did
he do? 6. Who was Major Parker? 7. What did he have orders to do? 8. Describe the
mobbing party. 9. Tell about the Nauvoo volunteers. 10. Who were William and
Augustus Anderson? 11. How long did the defenders hold out? 12. What was agreed
upon in the treaty of peace? 13. Describe the actions of the mob in Nauvoo. 14. To where
were the Saints driven? 15. What was their condition? 16. How were they fed? 17. Who
wrote an interesting account of this exodus?