A Young Folks' History of the Church HTML version

were poorly clad, some had no tents or wagon covers, and in the snow and cold there was
much suffering; but on the Saints went, looking with sad hearts on their deserted homes;
but rather would they face the winter storms and cold than to live in constant dread of
cruel mobs.
Topics.—1. Presiding authority in the Church. 2. The Twelve sustained. 3. Action of
Sidney Rigdon. 4. Mobbings. 5. The removal.
Questions and Review.—1. Where were Joseph and Hyrum buried? 2. What were the
feelings of the Saints? 3. Why were the Saints troubled about a leader? 4. Where were
most of the Twelve at the time of the martyrdom? 5. When the First Presidency is taken
away, what is the next presiding authority in the Church? 6. What did Sidney Rigdon
want? 7. What testimony was given the Saints at the meeting on August 8th? 8. What
became of Sidney Rigdon? 9. What did the enemies of the Church expect to do by killing
Joseph Smith? 10. Who first planned the move to the mountains? 11. Tell about the work
of the mobs. 12. Why did the Saints work so hard to finish the temple, knowing they
would have to leave it? 13. When did the move westward begin?