A Young Folks' History of the Church HTML version

Topics.—1. Joseph nominated for president. 2. Traitors. 3. The Expositor. 4. Joseph goes
to Carthage. 5. The martyrdom.
Questions and Review.—1. When was Joseph nominated for President of the United
States? 2. What were his ideas of slavery? 3. Where were the large meetings in Nauvoo
held? 4. Who proved false to Joseph? 5. How did the Saints know that Joseph was not a
fallen prophet? 6. What was the Nauvoo Expositor? 7. Why was it destroyed? 8. Why did
Joseph object to being tried in Carthage? 9. On what occasion did Joseph deliver his last
speech? 10. Why did not Joseph go west to the mountains? 11. What did Governor Ford
promise? 12. Give some expressions of the prophet on going to Carthage. 13. Who were
with Joseph in jail? 14. Tell about the martyrdom. 15. When did it take place? 16. How
old was Joseph when he was killed?