A Young Folks' History of the Church HTML version

Elder Rockwell was kidnapped and taken to Missouri, where he was ill-treated, but at last
Thomas Ford now became governor of Illinois and to him Joseph went. The governor
prevailed upon Joseph to stand another trial, which was held at Springfield, Illinois.
Joseph was again proved innocent and released.
But the fiends from Missouri would not give up. Once again he was taken while away
from Nauvoo, by two officers, who abused him shamefully. I cannot tell you all about his
exciting adventures—that you must read in a larger history—but at last he arrived safe
again in Nauvoo.
Persecution continued. Mobs now gathered around Nauvoo. Threats were made that
mobs would come from Missouri, and join with those of Illinois, against the "Mormons."
There was great unrest. When Joseph was spoken to about the danger he was in, he said
he was not exposed to as much danger from outside enemies as from traitors within. "We
have a Judas in our midst," he said.
Thus ended the year 1843.
Topics.—1. Settlement at Nauvoo. 2. The healing of the sick. 3. City of Nauvoo. 4.
Attempts to take Joseph to Missouri.
Questions and Review.—1. Locate Nauvoo. 2. What was its name before it was called
Nauvoo? 3. Relate how Joseph healed the sick. 4. When did Joseph go to Washington? 5.
What was his mission there? 6. What answer did President Martin Van Buren make? 7.
Why was it useless to expect justice from Missouri? 8. What kind of city did Nauvoo
become? 9. What was the Times and Seasons? 10. What was the Nauvoo Legion? 11.
Name some of the causes that led to the new persecution. 12. Who was Dr. Bennett, and
what did he do? 13. Tell of the efforts to get Joseph to Missouri.