A Young Folks' History of the Church HTML version

The prisoners now asked for a change of venue, that is, a change of place of trial. This
was granted, and on April 15 they started for Boone county under guard of the sheriff and
four men. On the night of the 16th the sheriff told them he was going to take a drink of
grog before going to bed and they could do as they pleased. The sheriff and three of the
guards went to bed drunk, and the other guard helped the brethren saddle the horses and
get away. They traveled day and night, and after much suffering Joseph arrived at the city
of Quincy, Illinois, April 22, 1839, where he was gladly welcomed by his family and
Topics.—1. Prisoners taken to Independence. 2. In Richmond jail. 3. In Liberty jail. 4.
The attempt to escape. 5. Their last trial and escape.
Questions and Review.—1. Who were taken as prisoners to Independence? 2. What
prediction did Joseph make while on the way? 3. How did Joseph fulfill his own
prophecy in Jackson county? 4. Where were they taken next? 5. How were they treated in
Richmond jail? 6. Describe Joseph's rebuke. 7. Where next were they sent? 8. How long
were they in Liberty jail? 9. Why was the attempt to escape a failure? 10. Where were
they next taken? 11. Describe their last trial. 12. How did they escape?