A Young Folks' History of the Church HTML version

The servants spoken of, whom the Lord sent to prepare the land for the planting, were all
those great and good men whom you have read about in your American history:
Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, and many others. You will remember how these men
loved right and liberty, and how they worked so hard for it; and in reading the history of
these men we can plainly see that the Lord was with them and helped them. These men
built the high wall, which means that they made just laws that would protect the people
and let them worship God in any way they thought right.
Thus was the way prepared for the gospel to be restored again to the earth; and the Lord
himself came from heaven, also his servants Moroni, Peter, James, and John to bring the
glad tidings to all who live on the earth.
Then the Lord called some more servants to preach the gospel to the world and build up
his Church. The first and greatest of these servants is known by the name of Joseph
Smith, the Prophet. How the Lord called him to this great work and delivered to him the
gospel will be told you in the next chapter.
Topics.—1. The Parable. 2. Explanation.
Questions and Review.—1. Name some of Christ's first disciples. 2: Tell how some of
them were killed. 3. How long was the world without the gospel? 4. Tell how Columbus
discovered America. 5. Who were the Pilgrims? 6. What was the Revolutionary war
about? 7. What is the Constitution of the United States? 8. Find out what it says about
religious liberty. 9. Why is America the "Land of liberty?"