A Young Folks' History of the Church HTML version

Shortly after this conference, the apostles left England to return home, leaving Parley P.
Pratt in charge of the mission. From that time the work has continued in Great Britain,
and many honest souls have come to the knowledge of the gospel.
Topics.—1. The first mission to England. 2. Wilford Woodruff's experience. 3. Mission
of the eight Apostles.
Questions and Review.—1. When were the first missionaries sent to England? 2. Who
were they? 3. Where was the first sermon preached? 4. How did the people receive the
elders? 5. What happened at Chatburn? 6. What was accomplished in eight months? 7.
Who were the second missionaries to England? 8. Who were the United Brethren? 9. Tell
of President Woodruff's work among them. 10. Who composed the third party of
missionaries? 11. What was done at the conference held April 14, 1840. 12. What is the
Millennial Star? 13. What was Orson Hyde's mission to Palestine?