A Young Folks' History of the Church HTML version

February 17, 1834, the first high council of the Church was organized. This body consists
of twelve men who must be high priests, over which the stake presidency presides. It is a
kind of court. When members of the Church have trouble one with another which neither
they, nor the teachers, nor the bishop can settle, it is brought before the high council to be
Each stake of Zion now has a high council. Here are the names of the first one organized:
besides the First Presidency, Joseph Smith, Sen., John Smith, Joseph Coe, John Johnson,
Martin Harris, John S. Carter, Jared Carter, Oliver Cowdery, Samuel H. Smith, Orson
Hyde, Sylvester Smith and Luke Johnson.
It was shortly after this that Zion's Camp was organized and made the trip to Missouri, of
which you were told in the last chapter.
After his return Joseph was again busy performing his many duties as president of the
Topics.—1. Joseph at Hiram. 2. Prophecy on War. 3. Word of Wisdom. 4. The first
presidency. 5. The high council.
Questions and Review.—1. To what two places were the Saints now gathering? 2.
Where is Hiram? 3. What did Joseph do there? 4. Tell about the mobbing at Hiram. 5.
When was the prophecy on war given? 6. How long after was it fulfilled? 7. What led to
the war between the North and the South? 8. What was the "School of the Prophets?" 9.
In the Word of Wisdom, what does the Lord say is not good for the body? 10. What does
He say is good? 11. What promise is made to those who keep the Word of Wisdom? 12.
What is the First Presidency? 13. Who were the first to fill this position? 14. Who are the
present First Presidency? 15. What is the duty of the high council? 16. Name some
members of the high council of your stake.