A Young Folks' History of the Church HTML version

The Saints were now instructed to buy land in the region around that they might possess
it for an inheritance. At that time Missouri was not thickly settled. There was much
government land which could be bought for one dollar and twenty-five cents per acre.
Sidney Gilbert was appointed an agent to receive money and purchase land, and Bishop
Edward Partridge was chosen to divide the land among the Saints. The rich were told to
divide with the poor that all might have land.
The Saints were especially warned that they must keep all the commandments which the
Lord gave to them or they would not be allowed to remain and build up Zion at that time,
but they first would have to go through much tribulation, and be "scourged from city to
city." You will see presently how this prediction was fulfilled.
The first winter the Saints were not very comfortably housed, as they had arrived too late
to raise crops or build good houses. The next spring, however, many Saints arrived, and
they soon had growing fields and gardens. The Prophet visited them again early in the
spring, held meetings, and greatly encouraged the Saints. In June, 1832, the first paper
published by the Latter-day Saints was begun at Independence. It was called The Evening
and Morning Star, and was the only paper in that part of the country.
Thus the Saints prospered; but a time of persecution, long and fierce, was before them.
Topics.—1. The center place of Zion. 2. Gathering to Missouri.
Questions and Review.—1. Where is the land of Zion? 2. What is said in the Book of
Mormon about this land? 3. Where is Jackson county? 4. What place is now nearly the
center of the United States? 5. What river flows by Jackson county? 6. Where will the
New Jerusalem be built? 7. What kind of city will it be? 8. When, where, and how was
the foundation of Zion laid? 9. Where is the temple lot? 10. Who dedicated it? 11. What
was the Colesville Branch? 12. How were the Saints to obtain the land of Zion? 13. What
were the duties of Sidney Gilbert and Edward Partridge? 14. When did Joseph visit
Jackson county the second time?