A Young Folks' History of the Church HTML version

Orson was called to preach the gospel to the world; and this duty Orson Pratt did all his
Elder Pratt became one of the Twelve Apostles. He went on a great many missions in this
country and to Europe, during which time he crossed the ocean sixteen times. He became
one of the most learned men in the Church, and wrote many books on gospel subjects.
Read the title, or first page of the Book of Mormon and the book of Doctrine and
Covenants and see what they say of Orson Pratt. Elder Pratt was one of the pioneers, he
and Erastus Snow being the first two men of that company to enter Salt Lake Valley.
Another man who came to see Joseph while yet at Fayette was Sidney Rigdon, a former
Campbellite preacher whom Parley P. Pratt had baptized at Kirtland. Elder Rigdon also
became a prominent man in the Church, being first counselor to President Joseph Smith
during the life time of the prophet. He took an active part in all the affairs of the Church
up to within a few months of the prophet's death. He was greatly disappointed because he
was not chosen to succeed Joseph as the leader of the Church, and soon after apostatized.
He died outside the Church.
Thomas B. Marsh was the name of a man who came to Kirtland with the Church. He
became a leader among the Saints and was president of the first quorum of Twelve
Apostles. Elder Marsh did much missionary work and suffered with the Saints in their
persecution; but in 1838 he became dissatisfied and did some wicked things against his
brethren. He was therefore cut off from the Church. Nineteen years after he came back
and was baptized again. He came to Utah and lived at Ogden, where he died, a poor,
broken-down man.
Topics.—1. The gathering. 2. The move to Ohio. 3. Orson Pratt. 4. Sidney Rigdon. 5.
Thomas B. Marsh.
Questions and Review.—1. What is meant by the gathering? 2. Quote some scriptural
passage on the gathering. 3. Where was the first gathering place? 4. Locate Kirtland. 5.
Tell about Joseph's first visit to Kirtland. 6. Who was Newel K. Whitney? 7. When did
most of the Saints move to Kirtland? 8. Tell what you can about Orson Pratt? 9. Name
some of his books. 10. What high position did Sidney Rigdon hold? 11. Why did he leave
the Church? 12. Tell about Thomas B. Marsh.