A Young Folks' History of the Church HTML version

Many other witnesses were called, but the above is a fair sample of the questions and the
answers received. Nothing wrong was proved against Joseph and he was discharged.
But no sooner was Joseph released than another constable appeared and arrested him
again. This officer mistreated Joseph shamefully. He would give him nothing to eat, and
he allowed a crowd of men to spit upon him and otherwise abuse him.
The next day Joseph was tried again, this time at Colesville. His friends again gathered
around to protect him while his enemies tried harder than ever to have him convicted of
some crime. Many witnesses were called who told untrue stories of Joseph, but when
they were questioned they contradicted each other so that everybody, including the court,
could see they were not telling the truth.
Newel Knight was called as a witness.
"Did the prisoner, Joseph Smith, Jr., cast the devil out of you?" asked the lawyer who was
against Joseph.
"No, sir," was the reply.
"Why, have you not had the devil cast out of you?"
"Yes, sir."
"And had not Joe Smith some hand in its being done"
"Yes, sir."
"And did he not cast him out of you?"
"No, sir; it was done by the power of God, and Joseph Smith was the instrument in the
hands of God to do it. He commanded him out of me in the name of Jesus Christ."
The lawyer could make nothing out of him or the others who were called to tell of some
supposed wrong Joseph had done. Nothing could be found against him that would send
him to prison, and I suppose the judge thought that even casting the devil out of a man
was not such a great crime. So Joseph was once more released and a free man.
But of course the mob was not satisfied, so they laid a plan to capture Joseph and tar and
feather him; but now the constable who had treated him so badly, saw by the trial that he
was innocent, and came to Joseph and asked his forgiveness. He told the prophet of the
mob's intentions and helped Joseph to get safely away home.
So the Lord was with his servants and helped them out of the hands of those who would
harm them. The Lord was also kind to the Saints and gave the Church many revelations
which you may find in the book called "Doctrine and Covenants," which contains the
revelations given to the Church through Joseph the Prophet.