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A World Long Past
Wayne Schreiber
A Short story from „The Tanarian Chronicles’
Copyright 2013 Wayne Schreiber
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The Tanarian Chronicles – UK Edition
(Recommended reading age 16+)
Book 1 – Arise A Hero
Book 2 - The Crystal K ing
Book 3 - Usurper of the Gods
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A Forgotten Wound
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The Legion of Blood (coming Sept 2014)
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“O ur legends obscure the truth, whilst over time the truth becomes a Legend”
Lady Morgan glided gracefully into the room in the way that a lady of high
breeding should. She halted her advance briefly to adjust the angle of a potted plant
that sat near the window; she moved it out of the shadow and into the early rising sun.
The flowers were only ever placed out on display when the wives of the nobles
arrived at the fortress. Even as a visitor, she moved about the halls almost as if she