A Voyage to Arcturus HTML version

Chapter 10. Tydomin
Oceaxe sat down carelessly on the couch of mosses , and began eating the plums.
"You see, you had to kill him, Maskull," she said, in a rather quizzical voice.
He came away from the corpse and regarded her - still red, and still breathing hard. "It's
no joking matter. You especially ought to keep quiet."
"Because he was your husband."
"You think I ought to show grief - when I feel none?"
"Don't pretend, woman!"
Oceaxe smiled. "From your manner one would think you were accusing me of some
Maskull literally snorted at her words. "What, you live with filth - you live in the arms of
a morbid monstrosity and then - "
"Oh, now I grasp it," she said, in a tone of perfect detachment.
"I'm glad."
"Well, Maskull," she proceeded, after a pause, "and who gave you the right to rule my
conduct? Am I not mistress of my own person?"
He looked at her with disgust, but said nothing. There was another long interval of
"'I never loved him," said Oceaxe at last, looking at the ground.
"That makes it all the worse."
"What does all this mean - what do you want?"
"Nothing from you - absolutely nothing - thank heaven!"
She gave a hard laugh. "You come here with your foreign preconceptions and expect us
all to bow down to them."
"What preconceptions?"