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She got up again on her elbow. "Instead of making plans for other people, I would do a
very necessary thing."
"Pray, tell me."
"Well, there's no reason why I should, but I will. I would try to convert my women's
organs into men's organs. It is a man's country."
"Speak more plainly."
"Oh, it's plain enough. If you attempt to pass through Ifdawn without a sorb, you are
simply committing suicide. And that magn too is worse than useless."
"You probably know what you are talking about, Oceaxe. But what do you advise me to
She negligently pointed to the light-emitting stone lying on the ground.
"There is the solution. If you hold that drude to your organs for a good while, perhaps it
will start the change, and perhaps nature will do the rest during the night. I promise
Oceaxe now really turned her back on Maskull.
He considered for a few minutes, and then walked over and to where the stone was lying,
and took it in his hand. It was a pebble the size of a hen's egg, radiant with crimson light,
as though red-hot, and throwing out a continuous shower of small, blood-red sparks.
Finally deciding that Oceaxe's advice was good, he applied the drude first to his magn,
and then to his breve. He experienced a cauterising sensation - a feeling of healing pain.