A Voyage to Arcturus HTML version

Subtle, puzzling perfumes assailed his nostrils. His palate lingered over the memory of
the gnawl water. All the pores of his skin were tickled and soothed by hitherto
unperceived currents of air. His poigns explored actively the inward nature of everything
in his immediate vicinity.
His magn touched Joiwind, and drew from her person a stream of love and joy. And
lastly by means of his breve he exchanged thoughts with her in silence. This mighty sense
symphony stirred him to the depths, and throughout the walk of that endless morning he
felt no more fatigue.
When it was drawing near to Blodsombre, they approached the sedgy margin of a dark
green lake, which lay underneath Poolingdred.
Panawe was sitting on a dark rock, waiting for them.