A Voyage to Arcturus HTML version

"The great point is, I am here."
"Where's Nightspore?"
"Not far away."
"It seems a hundred years since I saw you. Why did you two leave me in such a damnable
"You were strong enough to get through alone."
"So it turned out, but how were you to know? .... Anyway, you've timed it well. It seems I
am to die today."
Krag scowled. "You will die this morning."
"If I am to, I shall. But where have you heard it from?"
"You are ripe for it. You have run through the gamut. What else is there to live for?"
"Nothing," said Maskull, uttering a short laugh. "I am quite ready. I have failed in
everything. I only wondered how you knew.... So now you've come to rejoin me. Where
are we going?"
"Through Barey."
"And what about Nightspore?"
Krag jumped to his feet with clumsy agility. "We won't wait for him. "He'll be there as
soon as we shall."
"At our destination.... Come! The sun's rising."
As they started clambering down the pass side by side, Branchspell, huge and white,
leaped fiercely into the sky. All the delicacy of the dawn vanished, and another vulgar
day began. They passed some trees and plants, the leaves of which were all curled up, as
if in sleep.
Maskull pointed them out to his companion.
"How is it the sunshine doesn't open them?"
"Branchspell is a second night to them. Their day is Alppain."