A Voyage to Arcturus HTML version

Beneath its coating of mud, her face bore the vulgar, ghastly Crystalman grin, but
Maskull saw nothing of it. She had never appeared so beautiful to him as at that moment.
He remained beside her for a long time, on his knees. He wept - but, between his fits of
weeping, he raised his head from time to time, and listened to the distant drum beats.
An hour passed - two hours. TeargeId was now in the south-west. Maskull lifted
Sullenbode's dead body on to his shoulders, and started to walk toward the Pass. He cared
no more for Muspel. He intended to look for water in which to wash the corpse of his
beloved, and earth in which to bury her.
When he had reached the boulder overlooking the landslip, on which they had sat
together, he lowered his burden, and, placing the dead girl on the stone, seated himself
beside her for a time, gazing over toward Barey.
After that, he commenced his descent of the Mornstab Pass.