A Voyage to Arcturus HTML version

Her voice was rich, slow, and odd. Maskull felt himself in a dream.
"My name is Maskull."
She motioned to him to come a step nearer. "Listen, Maskull. Man after man has drawn
me into the world, but they could not keep me there, for I did not wish it. But now you
have drawn me into it for all time, for good or evil."
Maskull stretched a hand toward the now invisible corpse, and said quietly, "What have
you to say about him?"
"Who was it?"
"So that was Haunte. The news will travel far and wide. He was a famous man."
"It's a horrible affair. I can't think that you killed him deliberately."
"We women are endowed with terrible power, but it is our only protection. We do not
want these visits; we loathe them."
"I might have died, too."
"You came together?"
"There were three of us. Corpang still stands over there."
"I see a faintly glimmering form. What do you want of me, Corpang?"
"Then go away, and leave me with Maskull."
"No need, Corpang. I am coming with you."
"This is not that pleasure, then?" demanded the low, earnest voice, out of the darkness.
"No, that pleasure has not returned."
Sullenbode gripped his arm hard. "What pleasure are you speaking of?"
"A presentiment of love, which I felt not long ago."
"But what do you feel now?"