A Voyage to Arcturus HTML version

Not long afterward, daylight appeared. They hastened to complete the last stage. Maskull
rushed out first into the world of colours and, all dirty and bleeding from numerous
scratches, stood blinking on a hillside, bathed in the brilliant late-afternoon sunshine.
Corpang followed closely at his heels, He was obliged to shield his eyes with his hands
for a few minutes, so unaccustomed was he to Branchspell's blinding rays.
"The drum beats have stopped!" he exclaimed suddenly.
"You can't expect music all the time," answered Maskull dryly. "We mustn't be
"But now we have no guide. We're no better off than before."
"Well, Tormance is a big place. But I have an infallible rule, Corpang. As I come from
the south, I always go due north."
"That will take us to Lichstorm."
Maskull gazed at the fantastically piled rocks all around them. "I saw these rocks from
Matterplay. The mountains look as far off now as they did them, and there's not much of
the day left. How far is Lichstorm from here?"
Corpang looked away to the distant range. "I don't know, but unless a miracle happens we
shan't get there tonight."
"I have a feeling," said Maskull, "that we shall not only get there tonight, but that tonight
will be the most important in my life."
And he sat down passively to rest.