A Voyage to Arcturus HTML version

"The journey has to be made," answered his friend in indistinct tones, "though I don't see
what will come of it."
Krag shot a penetrating glance at him. "More remarkable adventures than this would need
to be arranged before we could excite Nightspore."
"Yet he is coming."
"But not con amore. He is coming merely to bear you company."
Maskull again sought the heavy, sombre star, gleaming in solitary might, in the south-
eastern heavens, and, as he gazed, his heart swelled with grand and painful longings, for
which, however, he was unable to account to his own intellect. He felt that his destiny
was in some way bound up with this gigantic, far - distant sun. But still he did not dare to
admit to himself Krag's seriousness.
He heard his parting remarks in deep abstraction, and only after the lapse of several
minutes, when, alone with Nightspore, did he realise that they referred to such mundane
matters as travelling routes and times of trains.
"Does Krag travel north with us, Nightspore? I didn't catch that."
"No. We go on first, and he joins us at Starkness on the evening of the day after
Maskull remained thoughtful. "What am I to think of that man?"
"For your information," replied Nightspore wearily, "I have never known him to lie."