A Voyage to Arcturus HTML version

"And that is - "
"Muspel," answered Catice.
Having made this reply, he disengaged himself, and, turning his back, disappeared into
the darkness.
Maskull stumbled down the staircase as best he could. He was tired, but contemptuous of
his pains. His uninjured probe began to discharge matter. He lowered himself from step
to step during what seemed an interminable time. The rustling and sighing of the trees
grew louder as he approached the bottom; the air became still and warm.
He at last reached level ground. Still attempting to proceed, he began to trip over roots,
and to collide with tree trunks. After this had happened a few times, he determined to go
no farther that night. He heaped together some dry leaves for a pillow, and immediately
flung himself down to sleep. Deep and heavy unconsciousness seized him almost