A Voyage to Arcturus HTML version

Tydomin addressed him in tones of gentle reproach. "Why are you back so soon? I've not
had time yet. You must return."
He caught hold of her, and pulled himself up to his feet. She gave a low scream, as
though in pain. "What does this mean - what are you doing, Maskull?"
"Krag - " began Maskull, but the effort to produce his words choked him, so that he was
obliged to stop.
"Krag - what of Krag? Tell me quickly what has happened. Free my arm."
He gripped her arm tighter.
"Yes, I've seen Krag. I'm awake."
"Oh! You are awake, awake."
"And you must die," said Maskull, in an awful voice.
"But why? What has happened? ...
"You must die, and I must kill you. Because I am awake, and for no other reason. You
blood-stained dancing mistress!"
Tydomin breathed hard for a little time. Then she seemed suddenly to regain her self-
"You won't offer me violence, surely, in this black cave?"
"No, the sun shall look on, for it is not a murder. But rest assured that you must die - you
must expiate your fearful crimes."
"You have already said so, and I see you have the power. You have escaped me. It is very
curious. Well, then, Maskull, let us come outside. I am not afraid. But kill me
courteously, for I have also been courteous to you. I make no other supplication."