A Treatise of Human Nature HTML version

graceful and engaging attitude or expression. There is even something hideous, or at least
minute in the views of things, which he presents; and it is necessary the objects should be
set more at a distance, and be more covered up from sight, to make them engaging to the
eye and imagination. An anatomist, however, is admirably fitted to give advice to a
painter; and it is even impracticable to excel in the latter art, without the assistance of the
former. We must have an exact knowledge of the parts, their situation and connexion,
before we can design with any elegance or correctness. And thus the most abstract
speculations concerning human nature, however cold and unentertaining, become
subservient to practical morality; and may render this latter science more correct in its
precepts, and more persuasive in its exhortations.