A Thief in the Night HTML version

"That sort of way!" he exclaimed. He seemed both surprised and disappointed.
"Yes," I said, "that sort of way. It's finished. What did you expect?"
"I don't know," said Raffles. "I only thought that the girl who went so far to get a
fellow out of a tight place might go a little farther to keep him from getting into
"I don't see why she should," said I, honestly enough, yet with the irritation of a
less just feeling deep down in my inmost consciousness.
"Yet you did hear from her?" he persisted.
"She sent me back my poor presents, without a word," I said, "if you call that
I could not bring myself to own to Raffles that I had given her only books. He
asked if I was sure that she had sent them back herself; and that was his last
question. My answer was enough for him. And to this day I cannot say whether it
was more in relief than in regret that he laid a hand upon my shoulder.
"So you are out of Paradise after all!" said Raffles. "I was not sure, or I should
have come round before. Well, Bunny, if they don't want you there, there's a little
Inferno in the Albany where you will be as welcome as ever
And still, with all the magic mischief of his smile, there was that touch of sadness
which I was yet to read aright.