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A Survey of the Woman Suffrage Movement in the United States HTML version

great part, our work." In this little book I shall recount a few of the
facts that, in my opinion, go to prove that the Suffrage movement
has had but little part or lot in this matter. And because of these
facts I believe the principles on which the claim to suffrage is
founded are those that turn individuals and nations backward and
not forward.
The first proof I shall mention is the latest one in time—it is the
fact of an Anti-Suffrage movement. In the political field alone are
we being formed into separate camps whose watchwords become
more unlike as they become more clearly understood. The fact that
for the first time in our history representatives of two great
organizations of women are appealing to courts and legislatures,
each begging them to refuse the prayer of the other, shows, as
conclusively as a long argument could do, that this matter of
suffrage is something essentially distinct from the great series of
movements in which women thus far have advanced side by side.
It is an instinctive announcement of a belief that the demand for
suffrage is not progress; that it does array sex against sex; that
woman, like man, can advance only as the race advances; and that
here lies the dividing line.
How absolute is that dividing line between woman's progress and
woman suffrage, we may realize when we consider what the result
would be if we could know to-morrow, beyond a peradventure,
that woman never would vote in the United States. Not one of her
charities, great or small, would be crippled. Not a woman's college
would close its doors. Not a profession would withhold its diploma
from her; not a trade its recompense. Not a single just law would
be repealed, or a bad one framed, as a consequence. Not a good
book would be forfeited. Not a family would be less secure of
domestic happiness. Not a single hope would die which points to a
time when our cities will all be like those of the prophet's vision,
"first pure and then peaceable."