A Study of the King James Version of the Bible


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Lectures delivered in 1912 under the auspices of the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences.


In my opinion the King James Bible is the best translation of the Bible ever made, in English language. The care the translators put in their work, the rigorous study of the original texts, and the following of King James orders related to not favor any Christian position as they did the translation make it a jewel. To support what I mention above, the word baptism was first introduced to the English language in the KJV of the Bible and that followed the instructions they received directly from the king. If they entered the literal interpretation of what we know as baptism they would benefit the Baptist Christians and would not do so for the Catholics, so, in order to not offend anyone they came up with "baptism" as we know it today. I recommend this study to anyone looking sincerely to know more about Bible translations.

Paul Mutore

It is so important to my life


This book is not merely a book

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