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Critique Analysis on “Environmental Double
Standards for Sport Utility Vehicles”
Since the dawn of the twentieth century, American manufacturers have engineered
numerous sorts of automobiles to keep up with the growing demand from consumers. The article,
“Environmental Double Standards for Sport Utility Vehicles,” from the advocacy of Suv.org,
argues that SUVs unleash a maelstrom of problems for the United States concerning their fuel
dependency that stirs more addiction towards petroleum and concerning their overwhelming
effect to the environment. Specifically, SUVs expel large quantities of greenhouse gases and
eject even higher traces of air pollutants that greatly harm the general health of any community.
Contrary to this article, an argument written by John Gragg, “The American Dream: Why
Environmentalists Attack the SUV,” clearly illustrates the positive side of SUVs. In general,
SUVs best serve in the interest of human nature, which is the desire to alter the environment to