A Strange Disappearance HTML version

"But you won't fail," exclaimed he. "I myself am resolved to see you through this
matter with credit."
And in this assurance I returned to my lodgings where I found the landlady sitting
where I had left her, darning her twenty-third sock.
"I have to mend for a dozen men and three boys," said she, "and the boys are
the worst by a heap sight. Look at that, will you," holding up a darn with a bit of
stocking attached. "That hole was made playing shinny."
I uttered my condolences and asked if any sound or disturbance had reached her
ears from above.
"O no, all is right up there; I've scarcely heard a whisper since you've been
I gave her a pat on the chin scarcely consistent with my aged and tottering mien
and proceeded to shamble painfully to my room.