A Strange Disappearance


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A young woman working as a domestic servant disappears from a wealthy household in New York City, and the police begin their search to find her.


Good story

Maurizio Rotondo

old style writing, some descriptive part may be excessive but in general a good book

Kenchie Himura

Good book!!! Great mystery. I even cried at the end.


Well written with engaging characters and an interesting storyline. The plot kept you guessing which made the book even more interesting. An enjoyable read which I recommend to anyone who enjoys a good mystery with a touch of romance.

Moon Roy

well written ...enjoyed reading it

Lynette Fleming

Really good book. Written in an older style which added to my enjoyment of it. Definitely recommend.


This was a very enjoyable read although it did begin to drag toward the end. Still worth taking the time to read.

Barry Collins

A bit "long winded" but a great plot and well written.

Kathryn Boschalk

I found the storyline new and refreshing. I love books where you can't figure everything out before you read it. thank you


A very engaging story. It kept me spellbound. Keep it up!


I found this a goodstory. Shame about the few spelling mistakes.


Totaly brilliant. As with all AKG books a wonderful read.

estelle pereira

I was no expecting a classic novel, but I could not stop reading it. Right from the beginning it was full of the mystery it promised. I never expected the twist.. Loved it.

Grace Warren

This is great. Lot's mystry and suspence. I was not sure of motive until the last page. Simply loved it. Want to read more by AKGreen

Sandie McGarry

It took a while to get into but once hooked I couldn't put it down.


The writing style is inconsistent and sounds a bit pretentious. Couldn't get past it to read the story.

Gwenda Foley

Good easy read

Anne Selden

This was fascinating and I could not put down my e-reader to save my life.

Lola Boriza

one good classic tale of mystery... i'm not a fan of "first person" story-telling but this one is an exception

mp fdos

I liked the book because it kept me reading; it did not lose interest and it is very well paced. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a quick and relaxing reading

Charles Goldberg

This book was an excellent blendod amystery and the strength of the love bond between husband and wife.


Good story. Enjoyed the book.

Gale Williams

The authors has a strange style of grammer, very proper noun usage, which is not used today. But after I got used to her writing style, I enjoyed this book. I saw on Wiki that she has written quite a few mystery novels and was the first female of her victorian era to do so. Strange that this is the first I have heard of her. So I am glad that Free-eBooks has offered so many of her novels to us to read.

Heather Leslie

I agree - the book was written in the 1880's and I found the language and style as fascinating as the story. A one night read - romance, mystery and suspense - a treasure.

Sandi Emery

This was Great read and sure would like more from this author. Kept me interested and loved the ending.

Ash Zulqernain

good book but very slow!!!!!!

Jack Anderson

Very interesting use of language. Good story.

Sandi Emery

This was very interesting and kept your attation. The ending was good ... Glad I got it


The plot is interesting but is spoilt by poor technique. The grammar is bad, the dialogue unconvincing and the characterization weak. I would not like to have paid for this.

Ida Richardson

Although the book was difficult to read and sounded more like it was set in London rather than New York, the story was delightful and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Natalia De Jesus

I really did like this novel.

Susan Latulippe

slow to begin, but one of the best mysteries I've read. Well Done

Norma Kentner

Horrid grammar and spelling. I've never read a book that was so poorly written. It took away from the storyline. I simply could not read past the first few pages.


Very good storyline. Differs from your classic mystery. but very well written as it compelled me to want to finish the story before I could put it down.

Sharon Andrews

The book was written in 1880, so you'll have to get through the differences in the syntax from that century. Well written, superb mystery story, although a little overdone at the end.


This book was not proofread, the author has no working knowledge of vocabulary, grammar, or spelling. Do not waste your time.

Chandra shekhar

its interesting.u will bind to it from beginning 2 last.Wish more pictures in the book.

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