A Story of Stones HTML version

and had some of your rough edges worn away. You became a little bit smoother on the
outside. But I’m seeing a little bit more dirt on the inside. And I have some of it too and
so does your mom. Everybody living has dirt inside of them and even though we try to
wash it away by diving into the stream of life it never seems to totally get out of us. We
can look all smooth on the outside but inside we are still filled with dirt. Nobody can see
it but it is still there.
He continued “now I know that we go to Sunday school and church every Sunday
and we learn all sorts of valuable lessons. But maybe God has taken it into His own
hands to teach us another lesson with your stones. I can see all of the rough stones with
sharp edges as you, your mom and me. We have dirt inside of us that needs to be cleaned
out. But, no matter how hard we try, we just can’t get clean. Jesus knew that when he
came to live with us over two thousand years ago. He decided that He would become our
little stream. He is the only person that can wash all of the dirt out of us and make us
clean on the inside and smooth on the outside. There is nothing we can do. He does it
all. That is why He is called the Spring Of Living Water in the Bible. He washes all of
the dirt away for us. All we have to do is allow Him to do it. Best of all, His washing is
always free. He paid the price already.
I know that you feel bad about what you did last night and so do we. We were
scared to death and worried that we would never see you again. But then we remembered
that you were a Christian and that God would be watching over you. And He did. He
helped you remember how to make a shelter and reminded you that you should stay in
one place and let other people find you instead of trying to find your way home. We are
so thankful for His watching over you. But now you are home and all three of us have
had to take a little dip in the stream of life. I know we’ve learned how important we are
to one another as a family and are equally sure that you will never go wondering off
alone again. Isn’t that right Kyle?” Kyle shook his head yes but didn’t dare look up into
the eyes of his parents. After all, he was nine years old now, and nine year old boys just
didn’t cry… no matter what!