A Story of Stones HTML version

weekend. Mom said that she had talked to some of her friends on the telephone and that
one of them was going to have a baby. She was excited for her. Kyle just kept eating.
He really wasn’t all that hungry because the breakfast “stuffing” he did when he got
home was still with him. However, eating was a good way to avoid having to say
anything. He was going to keep eating until he popped the buttons off of his shirt if he
had to.
Eating everything in sight didn’t work. Soon there was no more food on his plate
and asking for “thirds” was out of the question. And, besides, his skin just wasn’t going
to stretch that far. Kyle’s mom spoke first. She said “Kyle, I found some little stones in
your jacket pocket when I went to put it in the washing machine.” She continued. “I’ve
been thinking about them all day long and when I mentioned them to your father we
decided that we could use them to make you understand what you did and how you can
learn from your mistake. I’m not saying that we’re thrilled with your actions or anything
but rather than punishing you in the normal way we usually would we’ve decided that
learning a lesson is more valuable to your right now than suffering a bad punishment.”
Kyle didn’t know what to say, so he said nothing. It was even hard to look them
in the eyes right now because he felt so bad about what he had done. All day long he was
thinking of a way he could tell his parents how sorry he was and that he would never do
anything like that again. Now it seemed that he was going to be let off the “trouble”
Kyle’s dad said “Kyle, there were quite a few stones in your pocket. Was there
anything special about them that made you save them?” Kyle said, “no, I just thought
they were kind of neat. I did wonder why some of them were rough and some of them
were smooth. In fact, I was going to ask you about that when we talked some time.
That’s interesting.” Kyle’s dad said “because they are what I want to talk to you
about.” He put the stones on the kitchen table and laid them out in a row. The rough
ones he put in the top row and the smooth ones in another row at the bottom. Kyle
thought to himself “what in the world is he doing?” His dad said “Kyle look at the row
of stones at the top. They are rough and the ridges are filled with dirt and sand. Then
look at the smooth ones. Do you notice any difference?” Kyle said, “Yes, I can see what
you’re talking about.” His father asked, “Where did you gather these stones? “I found
them on the shore near the little stream I was sitting by last night, Kyle said.”
Kyle’s dad continued. “You said you were interested in knowing why some of
the stones were rough while the others were smooth. I can answer that for you but first
tell me why you think they are different.” “Well,” Kyle said, “I guess that the reason that
the ones in the top row are so rough and dirty is because they weren’t able to be washed
by the water and cleaned up.” “That’s right,” his dad said. “And what about the smooth
stones?” “Probably the water tossed the rough stones around that fell into the water and
beat the rough edges off of them so they became smooth.” “That’s right,” his dad said.
“Can you see how there might be a lesson these stones can teach us? Kyle thought for a
moment but didn’t get it.
His dad continued. “Let me explain. When we are born we are all covered with
rough edges and filled with dirt. As we go through life some of those rough edges get
worn away and we become a little smoother. Some of the dirt though doesn’t go away.
There always seems to be just a little bit more that we can’t get rid of no matter how
much we get into the stream of life. Last night you took a little dip into the stream of life