A Story of Stones HTML version

something happen to them that had not happened to the rough ones? He thought to
himself that he would ask his dad about this next time they were sitting around talking at
the dinner table. Better not think of the dinner table right now, he thought, he was so
very hungry.
There was a noise behind him and it made him jump. He heard it again. It was
voices and he recognized one of them. It was his dad! Kyle yelled at the top of his voice
and they heard him and came running. He knew that he was going to be in really big
trouble and probably be grounded for life for this little trip he took but he didn’t care
right now. He was going home!
As it turned out Kyle really had not walked very far into the woods. In fact,
within fifteen minutes, he and his father had reached the family truck and were headed
home. Kyle’s dad wasn’t saying much but he could tell that he was really disappointed in
him. His eyes looked sad. The only thing he said was that his mother was worried sick
about him and would be really happy to see him back home and safe. He also said that he
was glad Kyle was safe but that there would be a punishment for doing what he did.
Katie, Kyle’s mom, was waiting on the front porch when they arrived home. She
ran to the truck and gave Kyle a big hug and started crying. Kyle couldn’t figure out why
people cry when they are happy. It just didn’t make any sense to him. But if that is what
she wanted to do then it was okay with him. He whispered into her ear that he was really
sorry and that he would never do anything like that again. She just hugged him tighter
and said “I know, I know.”
Kyle’s mom was a great cook and made him his favorite breakfast as his welcome
home meal. She cooked him bacon, not crispy, scrambled eggs and toast with simply
tons of butter on it. “If you want more I’ll cook you as much as you want” she said. It
didn’t take long before Kyle’s stomach hurt from eating so much food but it was just too
good to not eat every last crumb!
Friday was laundry day so Kyle took off all of the clothes he was wearing and put
them in the laundry basket. He even put his coat in with the dirty clothes cause it had
mud on it and smelled like pine trees. His mom took the clothes away to the laundry
room and Kyle put on his play clothes so he could go outside later. That until his mom
got back from the laundry room and told him that he wasn’t going anywhere for a very
long time. He was grounded, and until she and his father talked about it more in detail it
was just the beginning of his punishment for making such a bad choice.
Kyle knew that complaining wouldn’t have done any good so he went back to his
room, took out one of his favorite books and began reading. The day passed quickly and
soon it was dinnertime. His mom called to him to come to the table so he put down his
book and slowly walked to the kitchen. He wasn’t looking forward to this at all. His dad
had come home from work and he had heard the two of them talking in whispers for a
long time before dinner was ready. It was scary to even think about what was going to
happen at the dinner table.
A lot of families that Kyle knew had lots of kids so dinnertime was always busy
with laughter and conversation. Kyle though was the only child so when everyone sat
down to eat it was just the three of them, nobody to distract his parents by other
conversation and so on. Usually they talked about the day and what had happened to
each one of them. Kyle’s dad said that his day at work was quite busy but that he had
been able to stay ahead in his work so he didn’t have to work any overtime on the