A Story of Stones HTML version

By: Steven Doornbos
Copyright 2008
Kyle was beginning to think that he was never going to get home. He felt like he
had walked for hours and the sun was starting to go down behind the hills. It was sort of
scary, but not so much that he was going to start crying or anything. After all, he was
nine years old now and nine year old boys just didn’t cry… no matter what.
The coat that he was wearing was warm enough to keep out the wind but inside
Kyle was still shivering a little bit. He didn’t really know why. He just couldn’t make
himself stop. It was getting really dark and he didn’t know quite what to do. His dad had
always told him that if he ever believed that he was lost that the best thing to do was to
stay put and let other people come to you and maybe it was time he found somewhere to
do just that. He could hardly see what was in front of him now that the sun had
completely gone down. Kyle thought of his dad and mom sitting at home waiting for him
to get home from school and he knew that they would be worried sick by now because he
had not arrived on time like he was supposed to.
Leaving school every day by himself was boring so today Kyle thought to himself
that he would do a little exploring on the way home. Sure he knew that he wasn’t
supposed to, but he was old enough, he thought, to take care of himself and make some
decisions. He turned left into the grasslands instead of turning right toward his home.
The grasslands had given way to trees and the trees turned into heavy forest. Before he
realized it, he found that he really didn’t know the way home. He was hungry and thirsty
and missed his dad and mom a lot.
There was a little stream not far away. He decided that it would be a good place
to stay for the night and let other people come and find him. There were plenty of pine
branches around so he could make himself a little bed out of them and could even use
them as covers to help keep warm. The little stream was inviting so Kyle sat near it and
picked up some little stones and put them into his jacket pocket.
The moon was out now and that helped make it a little brighter out so he could
see the area around him. It wasn’t light enough though to be able to see his watch but he
knew it was late and he was tired. After gathering some pine tree branches he was finally
able to make a bed comfortable enough to lie down on without getting stuck by rocks and
big sticks. Kyle put his head down and drifted off to sleep.
When you are sleeping in your nice warm bed and the morning sun shines in your
eyes waking you up it is a little bit of a shock. When it happens while you are lost in the
woods sleeping on pine branches it is a real big shock. It wakes you up really fast.
The water in the little stream was ice cold but it felt good when Kyle splashed
some of it on his face to help himself wake up. He didn’t dare drink any of it though
because he was afraid he would get sick… but it sure was tempting. Hunger and thirst
were a real issue by now. The last of the small candy bar he had in his jacket was gone.
The only thing left was the small stones that he had collected the night before.
Kyle pulled out the little stones and examined them closely. Some of them were
really rough and had sharp edges that dirt and sand had been caught in them. The other
ones were smooth. He wondered how the stones that were smooth get the way? Did