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Every night when I go to bed I can see the stars through the window that is right near my bed. I'm sure you don't see anything special about that, but I do. My mom and I arranged my room so my bed was there because seeing the stars every night reminds me of my grandfather. He was a very special man and taught me many things. The most special lessons I learned from him was his story of the stars.

Most people look up at the stars and don't give them much thought. They're just there on cloudless nights providing a little bit of light to our world or making just the right mood for couples out on a date. They think they are romantic or something. I don't understand that yet because I'm only twelve years old. I do understand how important stars are though and I don't think that anybody else in the whole world really knows the secret of the stars. My grandfather did though and he shared it with me. I'm not really sure if he ever told anybody else.