A Story of Stars HTML version

He said, "well I'll tell you what, you ask me any question you can think
of and if I can answer it I will. If I can't answer it then you will have a
project for tomorrow. You must find the answer to your question and
teach me what you learned."
That sounded like a lot of fun so I thought real hard to ask a question
he couldn't answer. Finally I said "Grandpa, where did the stars come
from?" I just knew he wouldn't be able to answer that question. But,
like always, he smiled and said "let's take a walk and discuss your
question. I think you will really like my answer. In fact, you and I will
be the only two people in the whole world that really know the truth
about the stars."
I was so excited I could hardly wait to get out the back porch door. I
grabbed his hand and said, "come on grandpa, let's go!"