A Story of Stars HTML version

When I was seven years old I visited my grandfather on his farm in the
country. He was always busy from the time the sun came up in the morning
until it went down at night. He would work in the fields and only stop long
enough to eat something around noon. My grandmother would call him in by
ringing a metal triangle thing that was really loud and that way grandpa would
know that lunch was ready. When he got there we would all sit around this
really big table and eat more food than you have probably ever seen in your
life. I still remember the smell of everything cooking in the kitchen as it was
being prepared on the old wood stove by my grandmother.
The most special time of the day was when grandpa would come in from
working in the field at night. He would always sit at his little desk and do some
paperwork and then turn to me and say "Well little one, what did you learn
today?" He always said that if you didn't learn something new every day then
you weren't really alive. Most of the time I could answer him with something
that I had learned or discovered but once I really couldn't think of anything for
that day.