A Song for Peter HTML version

Gillian sat back in her chair and gave a sigh. She had an article to do for next month but
the words and the vision were not there. Her boss would be unforgiving and she saw the
look last month and knew it had to be right next time. Hannah the file clerk, told her to
take a few days off and get inspiration. Inspiration! She would need more than that. Some
music. That was what she needed. Gillian headed for her car in the underground car park
and though about what venue would catch her mood.
Eric, another journalist on the magazine, was standing next to his car, some two spaces
distant to hers. He waved and then came over. “Busy? I’m meeting someone shortly and
your more than welcome to join us.”
She smiled at him but really she needed more than that. “Thanks but not tonight. I have
things to do.”
“When ever I meet this person, it usually ends up in a story and costing me money
somehow. Sure you won’t come? Only a few minutes away. Rudi’s Bar.” He waited a
few seconds and then opened his door. “OK. Catch you tomorrow,” and then he was in
and starting up.
Gillian drove out into the cool air and decided on the Gateway Hotel for a coffee and
change of scene. Then she passed Rudi’s and thought „why not. Could have my coffee
there. And Eric is not so bad.’ She drove around the block and found a parking space and
headed back. Inside there was quiet music and just a few people. Eric had just arrived
before her and was talking to a woman. She was dressed in a brown skirt and white top
and wore a small hat. She looked about in her early sixties. Gillian hesitated but at that
moment Eric, looking for a suitable table, spotted her and gave a come on wave.
“Gillian, this is Moira.” Then it was drinks, Gillian still deciding on her coffee. Eric was
hanging out for a cigarette but that meant going outside, so he just smiled. “Well Moira,
you sounded positive on the phone. Something of interest?”
Moira had a drawl but not outback, more Lauren Bacall. More dusky. “Yes, as a matter of
fact. Well to be accurate, probably.”
“Probably?” Eric looked down his nose at her in a mock but friendly way.
“Was in Cairns last week with Hetty, old friend, and she was telling me about this fellow.
Peter. She met him on a cruise out to the Reef. He was up in the islands as a young boy
during the war. Didn’t get much detail from her, but she said he was a very interesting
man. I think there could be something there for you, and hopefully me.”
Eric nodded his head and looked at Gillian. “Sometimes there is a story and if it is taken
up by our illustrious leader, there are „expenses’ for Moira.”