A Small Guide to Torrox HTML version

How to get there
In 2001 I did the wildest thing I’ve ever done in my life!
I sold my house in Denmark and moved 3.000
kilometers away to Torrox Pueblo in Andalucia where I
had never been before - and without knowing how I
was going to make a living when I got there.
That’s a life changing experience!
If I put on my sensible hat; I cannot recommend it - But
I am glad I did – otherwise I would probably not be
doing exactly what I love to do today: writing and
working with travel.
I hope you enjoy the “Small Guide To Torrox” as much
as I enjoyed making it.
Driving Distance:
Málaga – Torrox: 65km
Granada – Torrox: 110km
Let’s find out how to get there
Torrox is situated in the province of Málaga on the
Costa del Sol. Torrox claims to have the best climate
in Europe with an average annual temperature of 18C
sheltered as it is by the Sierra Tejeda and Sierra
Almijara mountains.
You can fly in to Málaga or Granada. The opening of
the new N340/E15 auto via has made the journey from
Málaga airport to Torrox a lot easier.
There are a huge amount of flights to Málaga.
From the UK flybe.com & Flysiesta normally have
good deals.
If you are flying into Málaga or Granada from
worldwide destinations - search with Kayak on more
than 200 websites in one go.
Ferries to Spain:
Plymouth – Santander
(2 times per week)
Portsmouth – Bilbao
(every 3 days)
Arriving to Spain by boat from Plymouth to Santander
or from Portsmouth to Bilbao with your own car is
another possibility…but it’s a long drive through Spain.
Finally you can book a train ticket to Málaga online.
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